Restoring Your Smile with a Partial Denture

Getting dentures in Dallas, TX doesn’t necessarily mean replacing all your teeth at the same time. Partial dentures can get the job done if you still have sections of healthy teeth that don’t need to be extracted. The procedure will be safe as long as you work with a dental clinic you know you can trust, and it can completely restore the appearance of your smile as well as improve your quality of life. If you’re missing a few teeth and want to look youthful and healthy again, talk to your dentist about restoring your smile with a partial denture.

Full dentures aren’t the only kind of dentures that can restore your missing teeth and give you a brand-new smile to show off. If you’re missing small sections of teeth, you might just need a partial denture to fill in the gaps. When you lose several teeth in the same area, a large open space is left behind that your natural teeth might gradually move into. This causes the natural teeth to become crooked and move away from where they’re supposed to be. Partial dentures replace your missing teeth and keep those that are left in place.

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