Recovering from Your Tooth Extraction

When you notice a pain in your tooth, the symptom could point towards quite a few different oral health issues. Sometimes your dental clinic in Dallas, TX will recommend a tooth extraction, which can take care of your symptoms and preserve your oral health. While this is a safe and routine procedure, you will still need to go through some sort of recovery period. Pick up the materials you’ll need before the procedure so you can handle any residual swelling and bleeding, and try to relax and take your prescribed medication. Read on for more on recovering from your tooth extraction. tooth - extraction

Get the Right Materials

It’ll usually take you a couple of days to get through the recovery period after coming home from the dental clinic, so you should prepare in advance and pick up your supplies before treatment. You might need painkillers, gauze, ice packs, and something to entertain yourself with. Even though you’ll probably think of something in particular that you need once you’re recovering, you can get a head start on treatment by picking up the basics before you’re due to visit the dental clinic.

Stop Swelling and Bleeding

There are a couple of symptoms that people tend to experience after having a tooth extracted, but these symptoms are normal and typically not a cause for alarm. When your dentist finishes pulling your tooth and you leave the dental clinic, you might deal with some residual swelling or bleeding. You can take care of the swelling by using ice packs, but even a bag of frozen food can be just as effective. When it comes to the bleeding, you should have plenty of gauze on hand. Bite down on a gauze pad, and replace the gauze before it becomes saturated.

Relax and Take Painkillers

It’s best to take it easy for a while when you get home from the dental clinic, so don’t plan anything too strenuous. Consider asking a friend or family member to check up on you once in a while in case you need anything, and take the painkillers that your dentist prescribes you.

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