Answering Patient Questions About Root Canal Therapy

A root canal treatment in Dallas, TX used to be a daunting task for patients, but today’s root canals are much more accessible than the ones of past. Rather than the treatment itself hurting, the procedure will remove the pain associated with your infected tooth. Your dentist will clear out the infected or damaged portions of your tooth and seal it back up so you can go about your life without the painful symptoms of inflamed pulp. Some people wonder if a tooth extraction might be a better solution, but there are a few reasons why a root canal is more viable. Read on for answers to patient questions about root canal therapy. root - canal

Will root canal therapy hurt?

One of the most common myths surrounding root canal treatment is that it hurts. While this might have been true a long time ago, it’s not the case anymore. Modern root canal therapy is as painless as possible, and yet some people still think that the treatment itself is what causes the pain. Many people seek this type of treatment because they are already in pain, typically due to a damaged or infected tooth. Root canal therapy removes this pain so you can stop the infection from spreading.

What’s the purpose of the procedure?

If your dentist recommends root canal treatment, he or she aims to clear out an infection or damaged pulp from your tooth. This alleviates your symptoms and prevents the infection from spreading and affecting other aspects of your health. After creating a small hole, your dentist will remove all of the contaminated material from the inner area of your tooth. In some cases, a medication will be applied, and in others, the tooth will simply be sealed up. This contains the bacteria, eliminates the symptoms, and protects your health.

Should I have my tooth pulled instead?

A tooth extraction could also get rid of your symptoms, but it requires an additional procedure to replace the tooth. Root canal treatment cleans out the infection so you can keep your natural tooth, and you don’t have to worry about a replacement.

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