What Parents Should Know About Their Teen’s Oral Health

Throughout each stage of your life, there will be different changes that affect the way you take care of your health. Your adolescent dentist in Dallas, TX will do his or her best to steer your teen in the right direction, but there are some things you should know about this stage of oral health as well. Using alcohol and tobacco products can increase your teen’s risk for a multitude of conditions, and they’re not just related to oral health. Gingivitis rates tend to be higher in teens, and oral piercings can influence oral health as well. Here’s more on what parents should know about their teen’s oral health. teen - teeth

Smoking and Alcohol Risks

Tobacco and alcohol are known to cause all kinds of health problems, and some of these relate to your oral health. Unfortunately, habits like these tend to start during your teenage years. Using chewing tobacco or smoking cigarettes, cigars, or hookah can contribute to oral cancer, and excessive use of alcohol can add to the problem. Chewing tobacco is specifically linked to issues like periodontal disease, bone loss, and gingival recession. For the sake of his or her oral and overall health, talk to your teen about the risks of tobacco and alcohol and see an adolescent dentist.

Gingivitis Rates

Hormones run wild during puberty, and this could be a reason why teenagers tend to be more susceptible to gum disease. Although regular visits to your children’s dental care practice and proper dental hygiene can lower the risk, it still pays to keep an eye on their gums. If your teen’s gums appear to be red, swollen, or bloody, then you might want to make an appointment with the adolescent dentist.

Effects of Oral Piercings

Piercings are popular among teenagers and young adults, as they represent a means of self-expression. If your teen expresses interest in an oral piercing, consider the possible results. An oral piercing could lead to gingival recession, speech impairment, and broken teeth. An adolescent dentist can explain the dangers to your teen.

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