When to Call the Dentist About Your Child’s Toothache

Children’s dental care near Dallas, TX is concerned with addressing children’s oral hygiene, keeping their teeth healthy, and preventing toothaches. However, there may come a time when your child needs to visit the kids’ dental clinic for a mild or severe toothache. Read on to learn when you should call your pediatric dentist for a toothache.

As you can see in the video, some toothaches are a result of normal teething. This is most often found in babies and toddlers who are still getting their baby teeth. This type of toothache is normal and can be comforted with a cold compress. However, your child may need to see the dentist if his toothache persists. This may be a sign of tooth decay, which might require a dental filling. If you are very concerned about your child’s toothache, then call your pediatric dentist for more recommendations.

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