Preparing Your Child for a Stress-Free Dentist Visit

Kids’ dentist offices go the extra mile to create a positive and comfortable environment for their young patients. Pediatric dentists serving Dallas, TX, have the advanced training and experience necessary to help children feel at ease with exams and dental fillings, but it’s only natural for children to still feel a little nervous from time to time. There are a few simple steps you can take to help your child develop a positive attitude toward visits to the pediatric dentistry office. child - dentist

Discuss the dentist visit in advance.

Use positive language and a light tone of voice to discuss the dentist visit. Let your child know that the dentist wants to count your child’s teeth and make sure they’re healthy. Your child may feel reassured to know that you go to the dentist twice per year, too. It can be helpful to read picture books about dental visits.

Practice having a dental check-up.

Roleplay allows your child to become familiar with the experience of a dentist visit, without the actual visit. Have your child recline in an armchair and practice opening his or her mouth wide. Pretend to count your child’s teeth and praise your child for how healthy his or her mouth looks. Then, switch places and let your child pretend to count your teeth.

Take your child to your exam.

If you’re going to have a dental exam before your child’s appointment, consider bringing him or her along to the office. Kids are often frightened of the unknown. Letting your child see the inside of the dentist office and watch the dentist at work can help him or her feel more comfortable during the pediatric dentistry appointment.

Know which mistakes to avoid.

To help your child have stress-free dentist visits for life, it’s just as important to know what to avoid as it is to know what to do. When discussing the dentist’s visit, avoid using words like “hurt,” “pain,” and “injection.” Saying something like, “It won’t hurt at all,” might give your child the idea that dentist visits do sometimes hurt. Additionally, never use punishments or bribes regarding dentist’s visits.

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