What Are Relining and Rebasing?

Patients with dentures in Dallas, TX know that their dental restoration will need daily maintenance and occasional upkeep . Usually, this upkeep is in the form of relining and rebasing. These common denture procedures are a way to prolong the life and function of dentures. Let’s take a closer look at these denture procedures: Relining and rebasing.

Relining is often needed when a patient’s gum or jaw changes in shape. This is a common occurrence, especially as people age or their health changes. When dentures no longer fit the gums properly, a dentist will add more material to the denture’s underside. This will usually allow for a more comfortable fit so the dentures do not rub the gums.

Rebasing occurs when the gum or jaw shape has changed significantly. A dentist will take the artificial teeth from the previous denture and apply it to a new base. This base will be molded based on the patient’s new gum and jaw shape to form a more comfortable fit.

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