How to Comfort Your Teething Baby

The teething period can be a tough time for parents and infants, alike. When your child’s baby teeth first start to develop, they can cause serious pain and discomfort when they begin to erupt through the gums. A kids’ dental office that provides infant dentistry near Dallas will be able to answer any questions that you may have about how to manage the teething period. By consulting with a dentist that offers kids services, you will know that you are doing all you can to soothe your child during this difficult time. Let’s take a closer look at some methods that you can use to comfort your teething baby. baby - teeth

Gently Rub the Gums

Gum pain is major source of discomfort when a baby is teething. In order to relieve pressure and pain on your baby’s gums, you can gently rub the surface of his or her gums when the signs of teething start to appear. You can choose to rub the gums with your bare finger, or you can use a gauze pad for additional protection. As you gently rub the gums, your baby’s pain may start to subside.

Apply Cold Compresses

Along with creating pain and pressure, the teething process can also generate significant amounts of heat and inflammation. When you need to comfort your baby as he or she is teething, you may want to use a cold compress. Your compress can be as simple as a rag that has been soaked in cool water. By applying the wet rag to your baby’s jaw, you can help to keep him or her comfortable.

Introduce New Foods

Diet can also play a role in managing pain during the teething period. As soon as your baby is ready to start eating solid foods, you can give him or her items that help to speed up the teething process and lessen gum pain. Healthy snacks, such as carrots, cucumbers, or apples, are all appropriate for older babies. Be sure to supervise your child when you provide these foods.

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