Quick Tips for the First Visit from the Tooth Fairy

When your baby—who is no longer a baby—loses his first tooth, it will be an exciting, nervous, and bittersweet event. You have taken your child to the kids’ dental clinic near Dallas, TX , since he was one year old, so you knew this time would come. He is growing up and his baby teeth are falling out to make room for his adult teeth. When introducing the tooth fairy, there are some quick tips to help you get started:

  • Figure out the details of the tooth fairy and her visit before you switch the tooth. Your child may ask you questions you are not prepared to answer. You also need to know the going rate for a tooth before the visit; this is usually around a quarter to one dollar a tooth.
  • Don’t forget to keep up your child’s visit to the kids’ dental clinic. Your dentist for toddlers should always examine the remaining teeth and the gums of the missing tooth to ensure that your child’s mouth is healthy.

Prepare yourself for a bittersweet moment. Your child is growing up, but he is still young enough to love a visit from the tooth fairy.

tooth - fairy

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