When Is a Root Canal Needed?

A root canal is a procedure intended to save a badly infected tooth. In many cases, the prompt detection and treatment of a cavity is all that is needed to prevent further damage to the tooth. But it’s not unusual for some oral infections to go undetected, especially among individuals who do not regularly visit a dental clinic in Dallas, TX. As the infection progresses, it can reach the pulp inside the tooth, which contains the sensitive nerves. An abscess, which is a pocket of pus, can develop.

These problems can cause a severe toothache, especially while chewing, along with prolonged sensitivity to extremes of temperature. The gums may become swollen and tender. If a severely damaged or infected tooth is not addressed with root canal treatment, the patient risks losing the natural tooth. Many people delay scheduling a root canal because they fear it will be painful. But actually, receiving root canal treatment is no more painful than getting a filling for a cavity. The dentist applies anesthetic, which prevents you from feeling any discomfort. In fact, the sooner you schedule this procedure, the sooner you’ll feel relief from the pain of your infected tooth.

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