Smoking Cessation Strategies for Dental Patients

Smoking is a dangerous, yet very popular habit shared by millions of Americans. Teenagers begin smoking before turning 18, and it quickly becomes a lifestyle that follows them into old age. However, when people learn the facts about smoking—that it can lead to tooth extractions and gum disease in Dallas, TX—they can begin the process of quitting. Here are some good smoking cessation strategies: quit - smoking

Learn the Facts

Many people respond best to cold, hard facts, especially when it comes to dangerous habits and illnesses. When a patient has yet to see the negative impact that smoking can have, he or she may be hesitant to commit to quitting. By learning the facts, however, patients can better understand exactly how smoking affects themselves and the people around them. For example, smoking is likelier to lead to gum disease and tooth loss, which can necessitate dentures in the near-future. Smoking can also damage the health of family members and pets who receive secondhand smoke. By learning these facts, smokers may be likelier to quit.

Gain Incentives

When people have a tangible reason to quit a bad habit—such as receiving a free or discounted service—they are more likely to keep up with their efforts. Many dentists or anti-smoking institutions offer incentives to those who are quitting smoking. For example, a dental office may offer a discounted teeth whitening session or preventative care to restore the look and health of a former smoker’s oral health. The smoker can also set his or her own incentives, like going out to a nice dinner with the savings from a month of no smoking.

Ask for Support

It is absolutely necessary for smokers trying to quit to have support. They must be supported by their friends, family, and medical professionals. By receiving support and encouragement from those closest to them, former smokers are more likely to maintain a non-smoking lifestyle. They can also see the health benefits when working with the professionals at their medical or dental clinic.

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